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    "...And they lived happily ever after" begins with "Once upon a time..." and someone to give voice to that story. That's where I come in. As a full-time voice artist, I tell stories. Click on the Demos button to hear what I have to say.

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Milk Truck

Smashin’ Crab Food Truck Commercial

A character voice-over for Smashin’ Crab, a cajun seafood restaurant in San Antonio, Texas. The commercial was produced by Jimmy Williams of Shootz Production Group in San Antonio. This is my second character voice for Smashin’ Crab. Curiously, the commercial opens with vintage black & white film footage of a

A Cup of Humanitea

This is a brief excerpt from the beautiful and deeply-informative, 33-minute documentary “A Cup of Humanitea” that I narrated for a student in Japan named Mina You. It follows the history of tea in Japan and explains the formal and elaborately prepared Japanese tea ceremony. Mina You wrote, produced, and

Thorogood Boots Image

Thorogood Boots – Many Roads

A thirty-second voice over for a Thorogood Boots commercial that plays within the Bone Collector program on the Outdoor Channel. The spot was written, produced, and directed by Cohen Stone of Bone Collector. I own a pair of Thorogood steel-toe boots that I wear as an on-camera spokesperson for CSX,

From the Earth to the Moon Title Graphics

From the Earth to the Moon

Here are a few of my scenes from the Tom Hanks-Imagine Entertainment-HBO production of “From the Earth to the Moon,’ which was filmed in 1997 and released the following year. I was honored to be chosen to appear in this extraordinary account of the Apollo Program. The 12-part series, which

Freeze-frame from Benedetti Lighting's 60th-anniversary video.


My vicarious visit back to Tuscany. This is my English language narrative for the 60th Anniversary of Italy’s Benedetti Lighting. The project was produced by David Barbieri and Thomas Pizzinga of Elephant Studios with David directing my voice recording session live from Florence. It’s such an honor to have been

Still Frame from Kurz Digital Metalized Printing Video

Kurz – Real Metal in Digital Printing

A voice-over for a film to tease the introduction of digital metalized printing from LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Company of Fuerth, Germany. It was an honor to have been chosen by Kurz as the English language voice for their product introduction, and a pleasure to work with Hannes Heidenreich, Creative

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