My voice talent rates (pretty much) explained

Seldom are any two projects the same. Each project has its variables: broadcast vs non-broadcast, size of audience/market, term of usage, exclusivity or non-exclusivity, number of mediums in which voice will be featured, commercial vs non-profit.

My typical base rates are listed below. These serve as a reference so that you have a general idea of what it costs to work with me. When you contact me with a request, I will provide you with a firm quote for your project, including variables like re-reads for script changes, additional copy, expanded usage, etc.

My agents are adept at determining appropriate rates for any manner of voice talent project, and I encourage you to contact them. They handle all the business details with impeccable ethics while allowing you and me to focus on the creative process. Contact information for my agents and myself appears on my Contact page.


Voice Talent Rate Card

Non-Broadcast – Corporate/Documentary Video Narration

Under 5 minutes – $350
5 – 10 minutes – $500
10 – 15 minutes – $750
15 or more minutes: Request a quote.


Broadcast Television Voice Over (minimum rate per spot)

:30 Local (Small Market) – $250
:30 Local (1 Million+ Market) – $500
:30 Regional – $750
:30 National – $5,000


Broadcast Television Voice Tags (minimum rate per spot)

Local – $100
Regional – $250
National – $1,000


Broadcast Radio (minimum rate/spot)

:30 Local (Small Market) – $150
:30 Local (Large Market) – $250
Regional – $500
National – $2,500


Broadcast Radio Tags (minimum rate/spot)

Local – $100
Regional – $250
National – $500


Non-Broadcast On-Hold Telephone Messages

Under 400 words – $200
400 – 800 words – $300
800 – 1200 words – $400
1200 – 1600 words – $500
1600 or more: Request a quote.
* Monthly retainer and bulk rates available. Please request details.



If you require a voice over for a project not posted above, or if you have any questions regarding your specific project, please send me the details. Click here to contact me. I’ll respond to your request–typically within 24 hours–via email or telephone.

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