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    A professional voice talent / voice actor specializing in radio, television, and Web-based voice overs, documentaries, audio books, corporate narration, character voices, and the voicing of projects for non-profit organizations.
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Movie Trailers

"In a world..." Yes, I frequently get called on to be that gruff and gravely guy in actual movie trailers and movie trailer spoofs.

Audio Books

The ability to read, comprehend and verbally interpret a book with all its characters and nuances comes from years of reading aloud, whether newscasts, corporate narratives or storybooks for my children.

Voice Overs

Whether speaking for a human rights organization or a mom & pop pizza parlor, my role is to comprehend and interpret copy in a manner that stimulates and sustains the interests of the listener.


From a matter-of-fact corporate narrative for AT&T to a crusty old cowboy commentary for Our Canyonlands, I have been a storyteller for over forty years.

Latest News

Voice Booth Window

The Ethics of Performing Voice Talent

Halting the Race to the Bottom of the Barrel The voice talent industry was set on its ear this week (Agust 9, 2017) when Voices.com, a Canadian subscription-based, online voice talent site, announced the acquisition of Voicebank.net, a heretofore ethical voice casting service that connected voice actors, talent agencies, ad agencies, and

Defenders of Wildlife Wins for Wildlife Video

I’m so honored to have been chosen as the voice for Defenders’ 2016 end-of-year video. This is the sort of work about which I am most passionate.

John Drew and Holli - Chicken Coop - Lander, Wyoming

Gettin’ Back to My Roots

Ever since my family moved from Georgia to England when I was fourteen years old, I’ve worked on not sounding too Southern. Recently, however, due to industry demand, my good friend and agent Carol Rathe of GoVoices in Denver requested a Southern Voice Demo from me. Thanks, Carol. I just

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More important than speaking is the ability to listen. I hear you, I get it, and I consistently deliver.

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