The Med, Neonatal Services

The Med, Neonatal Services

The Med Newborn still frame

One of a three-spot campaign for The MED (Regional Medical Center) in Memphis… and my favorite.

When we were recording the first two, higher-intensity spots, the producer, Peter Zavadil, asked me if I could stay in my “movie trailer” character, but be a little warmer and more gentle for a newborn baby spot. I replied, “No problem.” Even we growly, gravely guys can be sweethearts.

This is an exceptional campaign with exquisite production values. In full-screen, high-resolution, these spots, especially the baby spot, grab you by the heartstrings. Whew!

Congratulations to Peter Zavadil of Taillight TV of Nashville for such well-executed creative and my thanks for a great voice talent experience. My thanks also to my friend Anthony Stubelek of Rock Studio, Brunswick, Georgia who produced the voice sessions, and to Carol Rathe of GoVoices in Denver, my very good friend and agent.

(The other two television spots in the campaign for the Med for which I provided the voice overs can be viewed on my Vimeo Page.)


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