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Defenders of Wildlife Wins for Wildlife Video

I’m so honored to have been chosen as the voice for Defenders’ 2016 end-of-year video. This is the sort of work about which I am most passionate.

John Drew - CSX Video Still Frame

CSX Law Enforcement First Incident Training

This is a rough cut of the closing segment to a training video for law enforcement response to railway incidents. The video is being produced by PRC Digital Media of Jacksonville, Florida. As a rough cut, the audio has not yet been “normalized” and the level does vary a bit from scene to scene.

This essentially continuous on-camera segment reveals how comfortable I am when working on location without the use of a teleprompter. It also shows how a guy who never worked on the railroad can comfortably and convincingly speak on behalf of a client like CSX.

The on-camera and voice over segments total approximately one hour in duration and were recorded in a day and a half.

John Drew and Holli - Chicken Coop - Lander, Wyoming

Gettin’ Back to My Roots

Ever since my family moved from Georgia to England when I was fourteen years old, I’ve worked on not sounding too Southern. Recently, however, due to industry demand, my good friend and agent Carol Rathe of GoVoices in Denver requested a Southern Voice Demo from me.

Thanks, Carol. I just hope I don’t get stuck in this accent and, like Gary Oldman, have to get voice coaching to get me back to my regular “neutral” voice.

Click on the Soundcloud link below and have a listen.

John Drew - On-Camera Spokesperson for CSX

CSX First Responder Training

This video is the opening sequence from an hour-long Emergency Response to Rail Incidents training program produced for CSX by PRC Digital Media of Jacksonville, Florida.

CSX, a Class One railroad with 21,000 miles of track east of the Mississippi River, has undertaken a mammoth project to train all potential first responders to an incident anywhere on their line of road or in their yards. The project is unequalled by any other railroad.

In my twenty-year relationship with PRC Digital Media of Jacksonville, Florida and its owner Ray Hays, I’ve had the honor and pleasure to serve as an on-camera spokesperson for CSX on numerous occasions, as well as for other PRC clients. From time-to-time, I am also called upon by PRC as a scriptwriter, producer and director.

I’ve been a primary on-camera spokesperson for CSX since the mid-1990s.


Voice Talent John Drew standing at Hanging Lake in Glenwood Canyon, Colorado.

A Voice in the Wilderness

After eighteen years as a writer, producer and director in a stellar advertising agency, as well as at least as many years in broadcasting, film and video production and the performing arts, I chose to depart from traditional consumer product marketing.


Flag of Puerto Rico

In an election year…

I’m picky about candidates for whom I’m willing to speak. I have to actually support them, but I recently had the honor of writing and producing a four-spot radio campaign for the Jubilee USA Network, the largest non-partisan human rights coalition in Washington, DC.


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